Transformative Thinking

I help people transform their projects, objectives and purpose as a speaker, facilitator, and writer. I give workshops to companies and organisations, interactive lectures to lay audiences and develop online courses for individuals.

In my workshops, we explore large paradigm shifts taking place in our society – how our world is rapidly changing around us. We question fundamental assumptions about business as usual. We reframe current approaches into radical approaches about work patterns, interaction with customers, and business models. I have worked with teams in banks, network technology, pharmaceuticals, translation companies, NGOs, education, and with architects and the theatre.

In my lectures, I provoke the audience to rethink philosophical issues which directly impact their lives. How do we shift from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking? What is value, and how do we construct an economic system that reflects our values? What do we live for – was is our purpose, as individuals, communities, and globally? All my lectures are interactive, allowing for participation through pair discussion and exercises.

My ambition with online courses is to provide a self-paced multimedia thinking experience. How can you transform your life through thinking?

On this website you will find video clips and lectures, articles, book chapters and blogs. For Dutch language material and links to Dutch language classes please click on the Dutch flag on the top right.

Innovation experiments

A brief description of the essence of my innovation workshops, which consists in questioning all our assumptions, reframing them, and testing new assumptions through innovation experiments.

Homo Creator

Our creatiivity is an essential part of our human nature, and our destiny. How will we learn to become good at creating, to shape the world in a way that leads to human flourishing?