Online courses

Online courses allow you to learn new ideas in bite-sized chunks, through a combination of short video clips, narrated slideshows, texts and exercises. You can discover these at your own pace, choose your own learning path and apply ideas directly to your own life through exercises and practices.

Online courses allow me to communicate my thinking in a more direct way with the viewer, to engage in discussion, and to integrate feedback into revisions. This is a welcome addition to the slower, one-sided communication through articles and books. I am enjoying experimenting with these new formats, and am building courses around my existing books and my work-in-progress.

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Reframing - free online course

Udemy Reframing freeReframing is a simple but powerful technique to think differently: an easy, four-step process that generates creative approaches for your own life and work.  Reframing helps us to innovate, to approach the world from a fresh perspective and to overcome engrained patterns. Reframing allows us to develop strategies for dealing with our current challenges instead trying to solve problems which no longer exist.

The methodology is rooted in the theory of paradigms by Thomas Kuhn. Reframing will take you out of your mental comfort zone, enabling you to discover new perspectives and creative solutions. If you can make yourself chuckle during the process, then you're on the right path. The tool is extensively used at THNK School of Creative Leadership.

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Why are you alive? - free online course

Screen Shot 2015 05 06 at 18.26.55Why are you alive? How should you live? How can you turn your life into a work of art? How can you live an authentic life - that is, live the life that you were meant to live?

In this short introductory course you will learn to examine your life and the choices you make. What holds you back from being authentic? How can you deal with meaninglessness? What did Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus have to say about this?

In the full course, you will think about your life from the standpoint of freedom, meaning, and community, and find out for yourself what kind of projects give meaning to your life. Your will learn about the life and work of Georges Bataille, Jean-Paul Sartre and Michel Foucault. Each topic has an exercise for you to try out in your daily life.

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Learning from feedback - formats for group feedback sessions

Learning from feedback

Ideally, feedback offers wonderful opportunities for improvement in the creative process. Everyone learns: the person receiving feedback, the person giving feedback, and, in a group setting, those observing the process.

Giving and receiving feedback well is not easy, however. All too often, those giving feedback fall into judgment or giving advice, and those receiving feedback become overwhelmed and defensive: we find it hard not to take it personally.

I have designed these feedback formats to break through our usual feedback patterns and to separate thinking from emotion. These formats are based on and adapted from existing feedback and thinking techniques.

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