Reframing – The Art of Thinking Differently

Reframing is a simple but powerful technique to think differently: an easy, four-step process that generates creative approaches for your own life and work. Reframing helps us to innovate, to approach the world from a fresh perspective and to overcome engrained patterns. Reframing allows us to develop strategies for dealing with our current challenges instead trying to solve problems which no longer exist.

‘Reframing offers me the opportunity in my work to pole vault over obstacles that have become hardened and tough over time and seek solutions from a new vision of possibility and abundance. It is the only tool I know that shifts an individual from acting as problem solver to enabling visionary change.’ (Sonali Ojha, Founder & Director, Dreamcatchers Foundation)

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The philosophy of abundance and generosity: how should we live in wealthy times, when the strategies for survival developed in times of scarcity are no longer effective? How do we choose now that we have so much choice? How do we find out how we really want to work and live?

The science of economics is predicated on scarcity and infinite individual desires. Our hyper-consumption, now temporarily halted by a crisis, comes from applying the old strategy of hoarding to a new situation of abundant material goods. And yet the natural world suffers from our rapacious and insatiable need for resources.

But the essence of human life is abundance, a surplus of energy working itself out in time. This means that the fundamental human problem is not how to make a living, but how to spend our lives. The economist John Maynard Keynes foresaw the end of the economic problem, and the need to endow our lives with meaning. According to the French thinker Georges Bataille, we can spend our surplus catastrophically, in war and destruction, or gloriously, in art and eroticism. What are the consequences of a perspective of abundance and surplus, of expenditure instead of hoarding, for our lives and for our relationship to nature today?

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Thinking about money and value

How is value – both that which is valuable for human beings and that which has financial value – created by means of resources, work, and ideas? Human beings can decide to spend their energetic surplus according to their own choices. A human being is a homo creator who gives shape to his or her life by making conscious choices for themselves and for their community.

Thinking about Money and Value (published in Dutch; English introduction) I have selected 23 key texts of economists, philosophers, bankers and sociologists that give us insight into this question.

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Dawn Changes Everything

Dawn Changes Everything is a dreamy exploration of the magic that everyday situations can evoke in us. A female muse speaks to the narrator, whose gender is left ambiguous, and she sketches nostalgic, vibrant, playful, or erotic experiences. Some pieces invite us to reflect on the structure of our world, while others appeal directly to our emotional centre. 

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